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Baluna: Distribuidor de Carpigiani e IFI para el Sur de la Florida, ofrece soluciones gastronómicas innovadoras y de alta calidad para tu negocio.

Who is Baluna?

Baluna is an avant-garde distribution company specializing in refrigeration and gastronomic machinery, with more than 35 years in the industry and a strong market presence in Latin America and expanding into Venezuela and Panama.

Baluna offer a wide range of products, including advanced freezers and machinery for ice cream and pastry, mainly supported by Carpigiani. Baluna provides comprehensive services from design to post-sale support, focusing on quality and personalized advice to ensure client success.

They are recognized leaders in the gastronomy and refrigeration industry and distributors of well-known brands like Carpigiani, IFI, and ISA.


The mission of the company is to support its clients’ success in the gastronomy sector by supplying them with cutting-edge equipment, expert consultancy, and a steadfast dedication to excellence, enabling them to meet their commercial objectives.


Baluna aims to be the top choice for food and beverage businesses seeking equipment and consultancy, focusing on innovation and expanding reach to deliver exceptional value to more customers.

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Baluna’s success is driven by a dedicated and talented team with a passion for the industry and extensive field experience. The company commits to delivering exceptional solutions in design, equipment, consulting, and after-sales service, capable of handling projects from small ice cream parlors to large restaurant chains.

Miami HQ

  • Omar Enrique: CEO / Founder
  • Yoselin Belisario: CEO / Sales
  • Cathy Mc’donnals: Chief Accountant
  • Erika Rivero: Administrative Manager
  • Massimo Segatto: Technical Chief
  • Wilfredo Mendoza: Technician
  • César Quijada: Innovation
  • Costa: Security


  • Jair Escobar: General Manager
  • Andreina Higuera: Design
  • Tatiana Lucena: Sales


  • Omar Mazzei: General Director
  • Yelin Perez: Operations Manager
  • César Quijada: Strategy
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